Zine List!

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This is what we have left after the ZIne Fest…we’ll have more again soon:

Witches, Midwives and Nurses 50p

Tells the story of how women were dispossessed of their status as healers and midwives through accusations of witchcraft and the spread of superstition.

In the Hall of the Mountain King by Jimmy T Hand £1

Awesome writing, tells the story of Jimmy, a young teenager whose parents don’t understand him. At this point I cringed and thought it was going to be a big whingy cliche-fest, but it really really isn’t, and is actually really touching and lovely. And punk.

The Road to Either Or by Jimmy T Hand £1

A continuation of Jimmy’s story, picking up a few years after the end of the Mountain King zine, this is naturally more mature, there are tales of travelling, polyamory, forests, protests, protests in forests, polyamory in forests…you name it. It’s wonderful.

The World Below and Here Comes the Fucking Circus 50

This is really cool, two stories from Jimmy The Hand, more whimsical and fictional than the other stuff we have by him which seems more autobiographical.

Tales of Modern Tragedy (comic) £1

I love this comic, it’s based on the true story of a 12 year old and 23 year old who had a “romantic” relationship in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, which is wrong enough to be getting on with, but then they plot to kill the girls parents together!! In reality they do it, but strangely enough the comic doesn’t get that far…maybe the artist didn’t wanna deal with gory murder pics.

Said the Pot to The Kettle, a feminist reader for anarchist men 50p

This is really well done and manages to be funny and not patronising at all. Some men will appreciate it, some might be offended, but they might be the ones who need it most!

The Nightly Zine £1

Quite poetically written and artsy fartsy, tied up with red string. I liked it a lot a lot a lot.

Conscious Defect 50p

Crimethinc-y passionate ranty stuff, quite nice! And A4, unusually.

Take Back Your Lives (women’s DIY health) 50p

Getting to it!

Out of the Closets and into the Libraries 50p

Queer history! Wow. Lots of stuff I didn’t know and I’m glad I do now.

This Was Before you Were Born £1

Stories passed on to the writer by family members and family friends. Really sweet and really nicely printed

The House You Grew Up In £1

Stories related to….the houses people grew up in! Again, beautifully printed

Elvis Killed OJ £1

Getting to it

Give Up Activism 50p

Ha! Yes. Well, this is just an explanation of why maybe labelling yourself an “activist” is not the best thing in the world to do.

My First Little Book of GM Crop Decontamination 50p

This is pretty f-ing awesome, I like that it’s so totally practical, more practical zines please!! It’s full of ideas and tips for decontaminating gm crop fields!

Brains £1

Hell yes, punk zombie story!!

Murder Can Be Fun £1

These are zines written in the 90s about various real-life deaths, accidental and not. Mad.

Lock Out the Landlords £1.50

Getting to it. It’s a cool shape and it’s about squatting.

Cracking the System £1

Euro-centric squatting stories, haven’t read it all yet

A Chefs Tale by Joshua Ploeg £1

A travelling chef!! If I liked travelling, that’s how I’d like to do it. Joshua travels around doing private functions for cash and lodgings. If you’re in to cooking or travelling you’ll definitely get a kick out of this, and especially if you’ve cooked in any kind of “professional” manner, I mean even in the sense that you’re always the one cooking for the benefit gigs and squat cafes. Oh and there’s sex in this too! Yeah!

Human Waste £1

Surprising, the cover and the contents are pretty incongruent, the comic inside is really great, funny and childlike and a bit dark.

Nuns I’ve Known 50p

You have to love this concept…short stories about nuns. I ❤ zines with religion in them. What’s my problem? Oh yeah, Irish Catholic background…

Infestation £1

Stories about RATS!!! We all like rats right?

Patient Files £2

Getting to it. Cool cover.

I Love You More Than Whiskey £2

Bound with red ribbon, this is a very special comic by Ms Nhatt Attack. Romantic, catastrophic and emotive.


Zine night at Pogo Cafe!

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Monday 18th May, Pogo Cafe, Hackney.

Alex Wrekk from Portland, OR. Stolen Sharpie Revolution and Brainscan zine

This will be a book release reading of Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2.
Since 2002 Stolen Sharpie Revolution has been the ultimate guidebook to all things zine related. This little red book is stuffed with information about zines. Things you may know, stuff you don’t know and even stuff you didn’t know you knew for the beginner to the experienced zinester. Stolen Sharpie Revolution consists of how-to guides on a variety of topics from layout to book binding to papermaking, resources online and off, where to find zines, information about zine libraries, how and where to get your zine distributed, reviewed and more! http://stolensharpierevolution.wordpress.com/
Robb Roemershauser from New Orleans, LA. Aboveground Zine Library and Iron Rail Bookstore.
Robb will recount a griping story of almost losing everything he ever had from a natural disaster that happen in his backyard. The only thing he had from a Hurricane Katrina was a zine library he did. How a anarchist bookstore/ library became the first library to re-open two months to the day after the storm. Robb will talk about how putting together a anarchist bookfair the same weekend the info-shop re-open and how keeping focus on working on bookfair kept him from not going insane. The bookfair was the first major event to take place in New Orleans besides a corporate rock concert. Robb will talk about some background information regarding the zine library and why they are important to have in every city.

The Women’s Library Zine Fest

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A couple of Saturdays ago we took the distro down to the Zine Fest at the Womens Library in Aldgate. And we had a jolly good time!
We met some people who we’d heard of but never seen before, and also saw a good few zines that we’d like to distro too.
We actually did so well in selling stuff that we’ve had to cancel our appearance at the Alternative Press Fair that is happening in Euston this Sunday. We have almost nothing left. So, we are going to take a break and re-stock and then hopefully we’ll be back soon at a zine fest near you…or most likely near us!

paper dinosaur outings!

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We shall have ourselves a stall at the No Borders Benefit on 12th December at the Buddhist Centre, SE1.
We’re hoping to appear at a zine fair at the Women’s Library in London Metropolitan University, which is gonna be awesome.
Also we’ll be at the Alternative Press Fair on 1st Feb, near Euston Station. More updates as they happen!